Mr Claw – The Book

Have you recruited new trustees recently?

Our training manual

‘The Adventures of Mr Claw in the World of Charity Accounting’

has proved to be a valuable source of information for those new to the business of understanding charity accounts, and all the rules and regulations that go with it!

We do have a few copies available for purchase, and if you would like a copy sending out to you for the bargain price of £2.50, plus postage, then contact us here

How to Recruit Trustees

We are often asked the question ‘How do we find trustees?’

Well, there is no need to struggle – just go to this website and you could have all your questions answered.

TrusteeWorks introduces voluntary organisations to talented trustees with the right blend of skills and experience for free. 

The matching service is now absolutely free to organisations under £1M turnover

The website also gives you valuable guidance on preparing and information pack for prospective new trustees.

Employers fined for failing to comply with pensions duties

The total number of employers fined for failing to comply with their workplace pensions duties reached 169 by the end of 2014, according to figures released by The Pensions Regulator

The total represents a small number compared to the tens of thousands of businesses which have now complied with their automatic enrolment duties.

A significant number of the notices issued in this period were to employers who had missed their deadline to submit their declaration.

The Pensions Regulator’s Director of automatic enrolment, Charles Counsell, said,

“My message to all employers is that failing to declare within five months of your staging date means you risk being fined, which is why we recommend you start your automatic enrolment planning and preparation 12 months before staging.”

End of Year Accounts

For those of you whose accounting period ended on 31st March 2015, may we gently remind you that accounts will need to be submitted to our office for examination as early as possible before your AGM date.

These accounts will also need to be filed with the Charity Commission by 31st January 2016, which might sound a long way away at the moment, but the date can creep up on you very quickly, so be ready!!!