The Trustees’ Annual Report

Image result for The Trustees' Annual ReportAbout Charity Trustees’ Annual Reports

Your trustees’ annual report helps people understand what your charity does, particularly potential funders and beneficiaries.

You need to write a trustees’ annual report if your charity is registered in England or Wales. Along with your accounts, the report tells people:

  • about your charity’s work
  • where your money comes from
  • how you’ve spent your money in the past year

More information and examples of Trustees’ Reports can be found here

DCAS – our services are continuing

DCAS Logo 01aAlthough we, along with most of you, are no longer funded by Derby City Council, we have received funding from Foundation Derbyshire

Fortunately, we are not totally reliant on external funding to run our services, and we continue to work with up to 150 groups within the Voluntary Sector in Derby and Derbyshire

If you need any help or advice on financial matters, please get in touch with us here