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Our training courses this year have again been very popular.

Cartoon of a man surrounded by iconsHere is some feedback from course participants in our recent

Business Planning Course

Business Planning Comments

We hope to resume our training courses early in 2018, so if you would like to be put on the waiting list, or have other financial training needs, please contact us here

What to include in the Trustees’ Annual Report

If your charity’s income is under £500,000 (and providing it doesn’t have assets worth more than £3.26million), prepare a simple report including:

  • your charity’s name, registration number, address and trustee names
  • its structure and details of how it is managed, including how it recruits trustees
  • its activities and objectives in the year
  • its achievements and performance, including reporting on its public benefit
  • a financial review including any debts and details of your reserves policy (if applicable)
  • details of any funds held as a custodian trustee

You can put more detail into your trustees’ annual report if you want to. You only have to send a copy to the commission with your annual return if your income is more than £25,000. But you need to send the commission a copy if it asks for it.

Click here for a template Trustees’ Annual Report for small charities

The Importance of Bank Reconciliation

One of the most important tasks in preparing accounts for Independent Examination is Bank Reconciliation

A Bank Reconciliation is used to compare your records to those of your bank, to see if there are any differences between these two sets of records for your cash transactions. The ending balance of your version of the cash records is known as the book balance, while the bank’s version is called the bank balance.  A monthly reconciliation helps you identify any unusual transactions that might be caused by accounting errors or fraud.

Mr ClawOur training manual “The Adventures of Mr Claw in the World of Charity Accounting” explains Bank Reconciliation and Statement production, and how to implement these procedures in to your organisation’s accounting procedures. Get your copy here


Summer 2017 Newsletter

Summer 2017Our Summer Newsletter 2017 is now ready, and those on our mailing list should have already received their copies.

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Articles in this issue include:

  • Right to Work in the UK
  • The Andrew Buxton Memorial Award 2017
  • Inspiring Public Confidence in Your Charity
  • People and Skills – Vetting Potential Trustees