DCAS – Derby Community Accountancy Service – is a charitable organisation which was set up in 2002.  It promotes the effectiveness and efficiency of charities or the charitable activities of voluntary organisations particularly by the provision of training, management skills, accounting and payroll services. DCAS operates in Derbyshire and Staffordshire

DCAS is open to all voluntary groups irrespective of race, gender or any other personal circumstances.

DCAS Volunteers – we have always had an open door approach to accepting volunteers who can work with us on a short term or long term basis, and who perhaps need encouragement to re-enter the world of employment, or sometimes just to build up their confidence to cope with life in general.  Other charities signpost potential volunteers to us, in particular we have worked closely with Community Action Derby in this regard

HELP OUR VOLUNTEERS TO HELP OTHERS PROJECT – we accept work with 4 volunteers at any one time, who come to the office at different times during the week.  We help them to become familiar with working in an office environment, and interacting with our paid staff.

We provide one to one support to train our volunteers in both office skills and simple bookkeeping, encouraging them to seek qualifications wherever this is appropriate, and helping them to identify and achieve their own goals, by improving their employability skills and ultimately their quality of life.

More often than not, an opportunity will come along which will allow us to place them as a volunteer with one of the charities we work with, and that in turn will help that charity with its financial management.   Quite often the volunteering can lead on to paid employment, and the benefits of this are very significant for a person who has been dealing with hardship.

The volunteering aspect of our charity first started to flourish in 2014, and we estimate that we have had approximately 20 volunteers working with us on a rolling programme over that time period to 2020, with at least 15 of our ex-volunteers moving on to paid employment.

A high percentage of these people have taken up varied roles in the charity sector, or public sector roles within areas such as the NHS, education and social care.  In this way, our volunteers have been able to give back to a sector that helped them at a difficult stage of their life.