ACAS Guide for New Employers

ACAS guide for new employersEmploying people – a guide for new employers

Employing people seems a perfectly straightforward matter: hire them, then set them to work, but is it so easy?

Many employers find the list of legal rights and responsibilities daunting. But complying with the law and looking after your staff will make you more efficient and more profitable.

Getting the ‘people’ part of your new business wrong could cost you time, money or lost profitability through:

  • recruiting unsuitable employees
  • inadequate training
  • low morale and motivation
  • high absence levels and turnover of employees
  • ineffective management and supervision
  • too many dismissals
  • employment tribunal claims.

You can download the guide here

Discipline and Grievance – ACAS Code of Practice

The Acas Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures gives practical guidance for handling these issues in the workplace. Failure to follow the Code doesn’t make a person or organisation liable to proceedings, however, an employment tribunal will take it into account when considering relevant cases.

Key points

  • Many potential disciplinary and grievance issues can be resolved informally.
  • Employment Tribunals are legally required to take the Acas Code of Practice into account when considering relevant cases.
  • Tribunal can adjust any awards made in relevant cases by up to 25 per cent for unreasonable failure to comply with any provisions of the code.
  • Employers and employees should always look to resolve disciplinary and grievance issues in the workplace.
  • A non-statutory guide (Discipline and grievances at work: The Acas guide) provides additional information on handling discipline and grievance solutions in the workplace.

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