The Importance of Volunteers

Mr Claw CoverDCAS has always been proud of its record in providing volunteering opportunities and this has in many occasions helped further the careers of our volunteers.
88D91407-BE0D-4A3A-B53D-6691E2548EF3This has never been more true than the case of Baker Salah, who after helping write our accounting manual ‘The Adventures of Mr Claw in the World of Charity Accounting’ has gone on to become a University Lecturer and will soon be awarded his Doctorate in Accounting and Finance.   Well done Baker!!!
Volunteers are the bedrock of the voluntary sector.  Without them we would not exist, as it is volunteers when acting as trustees who run charities.

Charity trustees

Charity trustees direct how a charity is run and help make sure it does what it was set up to do. This includes making sure the charity:

  • sticks to its charitable mission
  • has the money it needs
  • spends that money responsibly on the activities it was raised for
  • follows the law and doesn’t break its own rules

Charity trustees are also known as:

  • directors
  • board members
  • governors
  • committee members

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