Pay Rates for Apprentices

guilds3If you become an apprentice, you will be paid during your during your apprenticeship.  You’re entitled to the National Minimum Wage.

The current minimum wage rate for an apprentice is £3.50 per hour (rising to £3.70 in April 2018)

This rate applies to apprentices under 19 and those aged 19 or over who are in their first year.

You must be paid at least the minimum wage rate for your age if you’re an apprentice aged 19 or over and have completed your first year.

Year 21 to 24 18 to 20 Under 18 Apprentice
April 2017 (current) £7.05 £5.60 £4.05 £3.50
 From April 2018 £7.38 £5.90 £4.20 £3.70

You can find more about apprentice pay and conditions here