What people think about the support given by DCAS to allow their organisation to run more effectively:

Yes, most definitely. Mark Newey is always very supportive, patient and very helpful.  Catherine Cleary – First Steps Derbyshire

Excellent Charity law course, very informative.  Will pass on the information to all members of the committee.  Without doubt will be useful to the trust. Peter Lindahl – Long Eaton & Sawley foodbank

Employment law course was very good and very useful for my organisation.  Ferid Kevric – Derby Bosnia Herzegovina Community Association

Marketing and Promotion has been a really interesting course, fun and active.  Lots of information and built a lot of confidence in myself.  Susana Micieli – Derby Deaf Children’s Society

Book keeping and financial management was super helpful.  Definitely helped clarify book keeping, thank you.  Sophie Shields  – Steps for the future

Excel foundations workshop – I was petrified to do this as I am not familiar with Excel.  I loved it, I learnt so much.  I have overcome my fear, thank you. Very informative, excellent day!  Wilma Fellows  – Derby SKillbuild

How to run an organisation – This course has been very helpful, the advice and information received will benefit our organisation  Susan Chan  – Derbyshire Chinese Welfare Association

Book Keeping course – I have learnt how to keep and maintain books and feel confident to set off in the right direction, thank you.  Denise Buxton  – Jigsaws Family Counselling service