Trial Balancing

No, it’s nothing to do with acrobatics!

A trial balance is a useful tool and the essential first step in developing your financial reports.

What is a ‘Trial Balance’?

Basically, a trial balance is a worksheet prepared manually or generated by your computer accounting system that lists all the accounts in your General Ledger at the end of an accounting period (whether that’s at the end of a month, the end of a quarter, or the end of a year).

If you’ve been entering transactions manually, you create a trial balance by listing all the accounts with their ending debit or credit balances. Then, you total the debit and credit columns. If the totals at the bottom of the two columns are the same, the trial is a success, and your books are in balance.

WARNING – A successful trial balance is no guarantee that your books are totally free of errors; it just means that all your transactions have been entered in balance. You still may have errors in the books related to how you entered your transactions