What to include in the Trustees’ Annual Report

If your charity’s income is under £500,000 (and providing it doesn’t have assets worth more than £3.26million), prepare a simple report including:

  • your charity’s name, registration number, address and trustee names
  • its structure and details of how it is managed, including how it recruits trustees
  • its activities and objectives in the year
  • its achievements and performance, including reporting on its public benefit
  • a financial review including any debts and details of your reserves policy (if applicable)
  • details of any funds held as a custodian trustee

You can put more detail into your trustees’ annual report if you want to. You only have to send a copy to the commission with your annual return if your income is more than £25,000. But you need to send the commission a copy if it asks for it.

Click here for a template Trustees’ Annual Report for small charities